We make our bones: September 08

How cool was that? We totally wasted a bunch of skeletons!

So like Jack explains this “nexii” thing which is like a magicky hot spot kinda like radiation, there’s a bunch of them all over Chi-town and one of our chores is to go take a reading. Jack goes off to the stores and I’m like cool, Berettas again, but he comes back with this bread-maker sort of thing that is the rad-counter, or leastways the magic-counter. Our job is to carry it in, let it sit for a short whiles, take a reading, and carry it back out. So far so boring, and most of the guys are like “it really clashes with this suit dontcha know.” Paul is from Boston I guess and he talks like that. After the warehouse shake-out he has been trash-talking me, I’m like Oh Yeah? If my mom was here she would bring a new kinda hurt to his shiney suited ass.

We pile into the autos, only not Paul’s cause he’s like got a thing about people or some other trauma, and drive out to the nexii. (Hitch wants me to say its a nexus but like I know, right, like he can write his own column!)

It’s in a warehouse, which is kinda strange. We check around, I do the sneak in routine, and OMG I totally swear Dan and Paul are discussing the price of gas or something out on the sidewalk, Hitch comes in, Caleb and Cliff get the breadmaker in, so we finally get Paul in and it starts making bread or counting magic or whatever. There’s nothing much around except for some old packing crates, the floor is really dirty or just dirt.

Then there’s a kinda foop and extra bread-making-goodness humming from the machine, and some skeletons, actual human boney skeletons, pull themselves up outa the dirt! It’s a totally CGI moment, we’re like jaw on the floor, then we start trying to figure out what to hit them with in between freaking. Cliff can really punch but is getting hosed like a Wings player in Hawks goal, and eventually we get bits of packing crate to hit them with properly. I’m like dodging, dodging, we have a down and dirty street brawl for a while, Hitch and Dan get a bit bruised up, finally we put the last one down.

Jack looks all serious about the readings but I’m pretty sure he expected it. He says its OK if Paul starts rewiring DARMA which is TSM’s lookup database for weird shit lol, and to look up dragon teeth which according to Hitch is what you need as a magic component for skeletons. I’m kinda wondering if Jack set us up for more “training” cause like where would anyone get dragon teeth?

I am getting to know Eva, she is like more office admin than reception, and knows the whole TSM routine. She is cool.


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