We totally kick vampire ass: October 08

“The squat sewerage plant looms before you. The sound of creaking steel punctuates the morning as the gusting wind stirs the bones of the plant. You can see the open mouth of your entry before you. There are five minutes till the team moves out. The countdown starts now.”

So like we are Back of the Yards standing around in rear of this old sewage plant, eww, bags of climbing gear and nets and shit stacked around while Hitch Cliff and Caleb go over the plan again. Our job is to stop any vampire from getting away from the front team, which is like this heavy-hitter squad called Carpathian Society including Eva which is like who knew right?

After the gremlin trauma my hair which is now deep red btw is fully tucked into a black beanie, I have a black motorcycle jacket on too, cause I hear these vamps all have poison teeth and claws. We have a comms link earpiece and mic, and an earplug ready to put in the other ear too cause vamps have this sound effect which is like a freeze ray kind of thing.

So like Cliff ends up with the shotgun with me following to pick it up first drop. Dan’s like the only decent searcher so he is with us. Paul Hitch and Caleb will be like second team ready to totally leapfrog us or drop back. We’ve got big police-issue flashlights but I’m also packing in a bunch of glo-sticks I hope will get the job done.

Like if you ever been in an old tunnel with no lights you will know what I mean when I say it was dark and totally creepy. The glo-sticks showed where me and Dan had searched but like nothing much else. I was holding the flashlight and Dan was searching, we found a couple grills and gaps to watch out for cause vampires can like climb walls. I guess if you think of the tunnels running in a big figure-8 you will get the layout, we entered at the bottom left of the figure-8 and found machinery in the middle and two possible exits top right and top left but both jammed up with panels and shit the vampires musta dragged there. Plus some old cans to act as alarms. We figure behind the panels the main hideout is being hit by our guys, there’s shooting and yelling from time to time.

We rigged netting over the grills then eww, a pile of rats came squirming out of one, we were like totally freaking! Dan went running round from top right to the middle to try to get back to Caleb who is getting swamped by rats, then a vampire comes crawling out of the machinery in the middle and totally has Dan treed! OMG Dan is like so high maintenance! I run back and sure enough a vampire is trying to beat old tall Dan like a red-haired orphan. I open up with the shotgun and blam! get him which I am totally like yay! cause up til then I had missed every time with the shotgun. Later Hitch ribs me about nearly wasting Dan but hey, the guy was dead if I didn’t take the shot right? LOL!

So with the vamp down and staked and the rats all run away we got ourselves around to the alarm-can exit and bust through! OMG lots more fight, where did the heavy hitters go anyway? A couple vamps got in ceiling ducts and we chased them out into dirty old rooms and put them down but WTF the whole fight had been on remote cam. We can’t figure who would set this whole thing up but high-fives all round, met Eva’s pop his name is Pyotr, back to Ribs n Bibs for celebrations and we spot another stalker watching Cliff.

This is like a blue Mitsi coupe, this time Cliff is careful and moves in with Paul LOL, and Hitch moves in with Dan who like still lives with his mom. We do some cool team research and tracking and tag the car to the fed building. OMG we are notorious LOL!

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