Hitch’s Journal: Admissable Evidence

9 May 2009

We walk a fine line between Unit 14 being glad to see us, and Unit 14 posting us as BOLO subjects. Not to mention Chicago PD who are probably still ticked off at us for being near bodies.

Elliot digested my report fairly swiftly and gave us the go-ahead for moving on the building site. Our paperwork showed it clearly was Hagen-connected, perhaps Elliot felt it a risk of declaring war on Olympians, in any case a small B&E team got together at the building site office.

I think Elliot may have temporarily curbed Sandi’s natural effevescence, she seemed content to stand back as Cliff and I “smelled a gas leak” and broke in. I believe this was the first useful use of the “Ring of the Ram” I picked up last year. I think I could literally hear Paul’s eyes rolling as I activated it with the immortal phrase “Heavy metal thunder!”

From there it has been a matter of passing on files in such ways that Unit 14 could use them in court. We found a full tie-in between Watson as victim and Raymond Chung the firm’s manager as trusted friend, and Chung tied firmly to no less a foe than Marcus Reinhardt, of Hagen fame, he is Gunther Hagen’s apprentice.

The Hagens threatened by arrest of one of their own? I’m quite worried, might be time for me to move again. I’ve only just got my flat presentable enough for Adele.

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