Hitch’s Journal: He who fights and runs away…

29 March 2010

On reflection, telling Elliot that our surveillance at the factory had been tumbled by Calacca was easy. Telling him that we were caught on the warehouse’s roof-top cameras getting our arses generously kicked was a little more difficult. Then asking him to call the boys in Beantown because I had to leave my 9mm behind; well, I could tell that made his night.

When we returned to TSM, we quickly brought the mood down. Shen was getting ready to relieve us on watch, and Sandi and Eva were hepped and holding court about dusting vulgarii down the park, then Cliff and me came back with our tails between our legs. Battered proof that the research Paul did was right.

Paul stated from his DARMA research that Calacca was a form of outsider who has a passion for playing with his foes. First he picks one to kill, then he plays mind games with the others. It appears he has picked me to kill, and I owe Cliff that he didn’t. Whatever they pay Cliff as a bodyguard, he is worth twice that. The only good news is Paul’s research also indicates that Calacca likes doing his own dirty work, which means there aren’t eight of them. It also helps to explain the structure of his organisation.

Other research we did on Calacca indicated that his organisation in thin. His property is legally in the name of Ramona Juarez, via a Wolfgang & Hearst Resident Agent. We have heard rumours about a beautiful woman involved at a high level in Calacca’s deals – but we have never seen her. There is no suggestion that his organisation goes further than one other creature at the top level, assuming Juarez may or may not be human. Whatever she is, I’m for focusing on Calacca. He is plenty at one time.

In a day or two we should get some mumbo-jumbo from Boston to stop him teleporting around us. All we have to supply is a good way to keep Calacca in one place long enough to take him out, mind you that will take some thinking too. Tonight we hit him with machette, broadsword, magic missiles and Ring of the Ram, and I got to say I don’t know if we hurt him. So we need a plan.

A very good plan.

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