Capes Season One

Freedom City Capes is a Mutants & Masterminds (2E) campaign. The campaign season is of 12 sessions or “issues” (after the comic-book theme). While set in the core rulebook’s cityscape Freedom City there are some changes to “de-power” the city and its history.

While superheroes (coll. “Capes”) are well-known to Freedom City they are not as high profile as the standard setting and there are very few Cape-oriented buildings or other landmarks. Municipal law recognizes Capes and their place in crime-fighting but the city’s administration is not pro-Cape: in fact the current mayor is anti-Cape. One of the features of season one was a series of revelations about how deep the graft runs in the city.

Some other house rules and points of game etiquette have also been added to upgrade the hazards of heroism:

  • Impervious (Toughness or Forcefield) has an absolute maximum of 5, and costs double;
  • Ranged attacks can utilize Aid Another so that a character becomes far easier to hit with a volley of shots;
  • Minions may Combine Attack so that they become much more lethal in general as well as being able to punch through any amount of Impervious; and
  • Minions can Power Attack.

The campaign level began at PL10, and Power Points are accrued (see next paragraph). PP are spent as the season progresses, meaning that each new season should see characters that have been in each issue and have won all bonus points enter at the next PL.

One Power Point is dished out per session barring exceptional heroism. A further bonus is awarded for a mission completed. Hero Points are as per rulebook, though only once has one been awarded for anything beyond being present and GM fiat. No ‘complication’ has been rewarded at all.

The main alteration to M&M2E “as written” has been the near-elimination of minion fights. The last climactic fight of the season (Issue #10) featured an all-cape set-piece, with one of the villains deploying a powerful gun firing lethal penetrating rounds.

The team, season one
The team was assembled by an existing superhero, the Avenger, and brought a variety of abilities together: a Mystic who provided “Magic User” type powers; a Super-mind who provided mental attacks as well as a giant brain; a Powerhouse (my character) who brought the Fighter type into the mix; a Wallcrawler who brought “fighting rogue” type abilities in; another more rogue-like Costumed Adventurer who used gadgets and generally stayed out of combat; and a Battlesuit type with incorporeal powers!

Having tested out a few combats, and read Elric’s combat examples we chose not to use minis. In some situations counters are useful (especially in a zoom-in type of battlezone microcosm where the requirement is to see who is “adjacent”) but in other cases the zone can be large and highly three-dimensional.


“I can bench 260, deadlift 380, I put my time in at the firing range, and you would think that was enough. But I hear ‘550 Charlie Alpha Papa Echo’, and we roll into action in APCs. All the time I’m thinking ‘Have my Rocket Launchers got a good field of fire?’, ‘Do I need to call in the Abrams?’, ‘Are we in time?’

“I signed on to serve and protect, serve and protect. Capes, how do I protect my city from Capes?”

Capt Bill ‘Bulldog’ Maddock: Comander, Superhuman Tactics and Regulation Squad FCPD.

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