Tuesday Teaser: outside Belverus

East their way wound; and one day in mid-spring Nemedia was entered by way of the hills beyond the azure expanse of Lake Thune. From there, the six companions travelled north, discreetly at first then with ceremony, enjoying the best the road had to offer. At last, on weary horses, they came to the outskirts of Belverus, shining in watery sunshine.

“Big city!” Bardic grunted.

“The Nemedian capital. Accounted by many the most civilized city in all Hyboria, though I’m sure Tarantia has anything Belverus can offer beaten,” Edric supplied parochially.

“A chance to purchase fine weapons and armor,” Bardic mused.

“Or a fine steed,” Alleto added.

“Or mend or replace gear,” Celo commented thriftily.

“We can rest for a while,” Vorel reasoned, “we’ve made good time, and the horses really need it – and since we’re not actually signing up with Vilerus there’s no deadline.”

“Hey – speak for yourself! Celo objected, “I am planning to sign up as a scout or spy once we get to whatever hole you’re dragging us to.”

“It’s also the home city of Verus – our fallen comrade” Edric explained to Alleto. “I wonder what chance there is to inform his family?”

“Pretty fair,” Morath responded drily, “Verus told me of his time as a member of the Watch. He will have been on their payroll until he left town about two years ago. Just trace him back from there, if you want to.”

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