SC6.07: Icespire Overthrow

The level six Silvers for this session

In order of initiative

Vernon, wizard/Conjurer, wielding spells;
Richlen, paladin/Oath of Glory, wielding Alagondar;
Garth, fighter/Battle Master, wielding the Ungart Hammer;
Dakeyras, rogue/Assassin, wielding Whisper

sneakily undermined by Gundren, rogue/Trickster, wielding a plan so cunning…

The Silvers begin 30xp from level 7 and end on 10

The story so far

Following its devastating attack on Phandalin, the white dragon Cryovain has risen to top the Silvers’ hit-list! Pausing only long enough to solve the enigma of Wave Echo Cavern and thoroughly loot it, they trek deep into the mountains east of the little town, and up Mount Icespire.

Gundren Rockseeker (rescued from Wave Echo) accompanies them, pressed into service as pack-mule. The Silvers plan to bring him back to Phandalin to face justice. Can Gundren finagle a way out?

Icespire Fortress, now Cryovain’s lair, is an ancient human-built keep and bastion. The Silvers slip past the bastion at night and gain the interior through its broken curtain wall. After a stiff fight with four ogres and two white drakes, they secure the interior. And discover a hidden crypt and escape route.

Having rested and readied their emergency escape (by means of toboggan, which they stack with all their loot) it’s time to scale to the roof, where Cryovain lies asleep!

Sleeping Dragon by SylverStorm on DeviantArt

The Chilling Fog

As Dak, peering out an arrow-slit in the solar, alerts them to the dragon’s presence beyond, Vern signals a time-out. He scuttles back down the circular stair and casts Mage Armor. Hard on his heels comes Gundren, who casts False Life. Vern looks at the hill dwarf suspiciously and the two remount and signal readiness.

Rich casts Aid. Garth signals that he will pull aggro, the others should follow. Unseen by the five as they huddle away from the donjon arrow-slits, Cryovain wakes!

I do roll a check for this, but set the DC for Cryovain super low, since this is its lair.

Vern tracks across to where he can see past Rich to the door out. The solar is level with the fortress roof. Broken door fragments do not impede the path out. His Goggles of Night allow Vern to see some cover, formed by a chimney and curious-shaped lump of ice. But pulls back, allowing others to go first.

Thick bone-chilling fog forms in the solar. All there shake its worst effects off, but it severely limits vision.

“We are the worst ambushers” – Garth

So bad” – Rich

Cryovain roars, those present all manage to not suffer fear.

Rich gropes out into cover. The strange ice-block is a person, frozen against the chimney. He readies one of his most effective attacks, Guiding Bolt. Hard on Rich’s heels, Garth thunders out, sturdy boots hammering on the frozen roof: dashes towards the next stand of cover – another frozen person. Glancing south he can see Cryovain uncoiled and ready. Then it’s Dak’s turn. The elf slides to position at an arrow-slit and sends a shaft across – but it glances off some ice in the dragon’s small treasure pile. He zips back into full cover at the stairwell, suffering the fog’s biting chill.

Gundren weighs the odds. It’s so thoughtful of his comrades to pack the toboggan and get it ready for him to flee! But curse his rotten luck – Dak is blocking his exit. Gundren gnaws a thumb and he too suffers the biting chill.

Cryovain rises and sends its cold breath at Garth: who makes his CON SV! Vern realizes he needs to move, and heads around to back Rich up. Since he can see the dragon’s flank he slams Magic Missiles home! As a First Blood reaction Cryovain sends a hideous Bane forth: Dak suffers its effect. Rich, who has been ready for a target, visibly winces seeing his comrade Garth struck: then slams Guiding Bolt home! Then it’s Garth’s turn: he charges and Novas his attacks, dealing 51 damage! He throws in Menacing Attacks but Cryovain merely uses one legendary action to save and makes the others with contemptuous ease. Then, bloodied, recharges its breath and delivers another freezing cone across Garth!

“Oooo by Ilmater…” – Rich, not for the first or last time

Chapter 7: The Rescuers - 3 Nymm, 999 - Let Sleeping Dragons Lie - Epic  Words

Dak sends another shaft across, this one glances high off a dragon spike. He retires to cover. But Gundren nips round the stairwell wall, catches Dak’s sleeve, and flips him aside, before racing downstairs!

Silas the Leech - Dwarf Rogue - Myth-Weavers

Cryovain rears up and snaps and claws at Garth, who turns aside its savagery with equally contemptuous ease. In reply, it’s an easy shot for Vern, who gets fully clear of the icy fog near the solar door and blasts Cryovain with Lightning Bolt! Rich casts Bless on he Garth and Dak, advancing boldly with a flying leap over a frozen brown bear, much cut about by dragon claws and teeth, to flanking. Garth stays on Cryovain, hammering away. The dragon is looking weak! Dak attempts a finishing shot – and now that Rich is at Cryovain’s flank it’s the killing blow!

“I didn’t even get to use my sword of dragon-slaying!” – Rich

“That rat is running!” – Dak

Vern yells “I’m on it” and races back into the solar, trips at the stairwell, and nose-dives down, picking up a few bruises. Rich vaults across the brown bear, executes a perfect half-circuit in the solar and leaps over Vern, and off the outer wall, landing a few steps down.

“Look, someone has to guard this totally frozen loot,” Garth explains, heading over to the loot pile. He sees fragments of bone, teeth, even bits of cloth… precious little coin though. He begins tapping loot carefully free of the ice…

Dak uses his rogue skills, vaulting over both Vern and Rich, and racing down to the cross-passage. Glancing south he can see that an immense rotundity of dead ogre is blocking the passage. He heads east: yes – Gundren has kicked the secret panel in the command office open!

Alas for Gundren’s escape plan! Having kicked open the panel he knew had to be there, he sprints downstairs to the crypt, but overbalances and ends on his nose! Picking himself up painfully he limps to the door to the hidden crypt – and a longbow shaft slams into his shoulder!

“You can surrender or die, your choice” – Dak

“My rotten luck…” – Gundren

A quick vote is taken. The Silvers decide (50%) to not just pitch Gundren down the slope.

“We ought not to take a Long Rest,” Dak advises, “the garrison will have heard the roar.”

“Yer pretty smart for a ranger, Dak” – Garth

Short Rest, Vern reups with some slots, most people roll up to half HD. Most importantly Garth reups his fighter moves and surge.

“By the way Rich, is it me or are yer ears not as pointy as most elves?” – Garth

“It’s just you” – Rich, lying unconvincingly

Gundren begins persuading the party of his plan to get more loot, but they have had enough and gag him with a very smelly sock they have found among the loot.

XP: lvl7-20

Cross that bridge, smash that door!

It’s time to think about their next move! They check once more on the curtain wall arrow-slits. Nothing to see. There’s little doubt that the bastion is alert though.

“After you Rich…” – Vern

Rich steps up to the outer gate, wrenches with his Gauntlets, and heaves it open. The bridge is free of obstruction. It’s icy though. Rich races across as the others position themselves: he feels the cramping crush of Hold Person and shakes it off. A crossbow bolt snicks under his shield, he barely feels it. The door opposite is barred!

Garth readies himself: he too feels the Hold Person effect and shakes it off. Heads to mid-bridge. Vern and Dak ready themselves to support. Gundren twists in the shackles they found among Cryovain’s loot.

“Someone needs to keep an eye on that guy” – Vern, heading back.

Rich slams a boot onto the door, and as he and Garth dodge Sacred Flame dragon-like-effects, he leaps in, a shaft from Dak sailing past into a white drake ready to do battle!

“Nice dodge!” – Rich

“Ya know, those ears almost look human” – Garth, persisting

It’s a crowd – fur white drakes, two cult veterans, and two spellcasters. The casters wield Spiritual Weapons shaped like dragon-jaws, and use Inflict Wounds for close-range attack. The veterans fight with longsword and shortsword, and have time to armor up. Garth plows into the fight, driving a drake away Frightened and wounding another seriously. But these drakes and veterans are tough, and the fight is protracted.

“Yay, dragon murdering time!” – Rich, finally getting good use from Alagondar

Meanwhile Gundren makes several attempts to free himself. Vern (who is Invisible at this time) steps in, gives him a stern but invisible glare, and returns to support. Cursing his luck Gundren subsides. He’ll have to rely on his contacts in Phandalin or Neverwinter to get out of this!

Rich takes a couple of deep wounds, and is hit with necrotic damage from Inflict Wounds and uses Inspiring Smite and all but one of his paladin healing to stay on his feet. Garth’s armor is up to defending him! The Fright wears off and he defends against two drakes and a veteran. Then a longbow shaft punches through the veteran’s throat gorget and he goes down. As the space clears it’s Rich’s time to shine, chopping down the cultists and drakes with Dak and Vern sending support in. Until at last, with a final Thunderous Smite, the final drake falls!


Inspiration all round

XP: lvl7-10


Gray slaad, frozen, well preserved
2 x Crag cats, frozen
Elk skull and antler rack
2 x ice-damaged brown bears
Various egg remnants of giant flighted beasts
Red wyrmling fragments, teeth and claws
Giant shark jaw (just half)
2 x Giant squid beaks
3 x Ettercap heads with web spinners
1 x alpha grick, somewhat cracked
Various other teeth and skull fragments from sea and land creatures
Shackles and key
Fey/elf ring bracelet and necklace made of leaves(1)
Clay panel with someone’s handprint(2)
A small toothpick dispenser(3)
The white insignia patch torn off a Lathander priest’s robe(4)
1 stinking woolen sock, patched(5)
Pair of fur-lined gloves(6)
Tiny silver bracelet, pixie size(7)
Lady’s painted fan, painting changes each time it is closed and opened(8)
2 x potion of animal friendship
210 silver
70 gold

Item reference
1. Felicia’s tokens. Unique. Each attuned separately. Worth appx 15,000 gold coin as a set.
2. Servers call. Rare. Once a day, pressing your hand to the panel releases an unseen servant for 1 hour as the spell. Appx Worth appx 2000 gold coin.
3. Infinite toothpicks, each one takes an action to extract.
4. Belongs to Lathander priest Merrygold Brightshine, of Leilon.
5. Sock of trouble free browsing. Rare. When worn on any limb, the sock keeps shopkeepers, harlots, conmen, and fastidious pickpockets 10′ away. Worth appx 1000 gold coin.
6. Fur gloves of winter travel. Uncommon. While worn: When accompanied by winter clothing the wearer has resistance to cold damage, and cannot become exhausted from cold alone. Worth appx 1000 gold coin.
7. Pixie bracelet of badassery: Rare. Any melee weapon shrinks to suit pixie size when wielded. Worth appx 1000 gold coin.
8. Fan of the courtesan. Uncommon. Deception and Persuasion checks add 2 while wielded. 4 charges, recovers d3 each dawn. A skilled faction agent can use one charge to shape the picture as a bonus action, allowing (for example) message pictographs to be displayed. Worth appx 1000 gold coin.
9. Pole of Collapsing – ex-Gnomengarde, loaned to missing adventurers
10. Wand of Pyrotechnics – ex-Gnomengarde, loaned to missing adventurers

Next session we may skip the logistics, depending on whether the Silvers want to attempt to carry “component” style loot back. There’s one more location to cross off – stay tuned!

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